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Oscar StivalaAbout Oscar

Well known in the jazz and art circles of Central New York, Oscar has delighted audiences with his music and paintings for many years. A retired surgeon who practiced for 35 years, this renaissance man continues to pursue his artistic endeavors today in his hometown of Little Falls, NY.

A native of Argentina, Oscar was exposed to music as a child through his father’s folk guitar playing and began to play trumpet at the age of nine. Throughout his school and college years he played with several bands, but he ultimately found his true musical calling in improvisational jazz. Though his interest in the visual arts began in childhood with a passion for sketching, it wasn’t until adulthood that he began formal training. Influenced greatly by the Impressionists, his art eventually blossomed into marble and wood sculptures, as well as the bold, colorful sculptural paintings he is known for today. In addition to still lifes and portraits, his paintings frequently depict his beloved world of jazz and its masters.

After having won numerous awards and accolades, Oscar is never one to rest on his laurels. He can always be found painting in his Main Street studio or jamming with his jazz cohorts in local festivals and clubs.

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“Some Where Over the Rainbow” – Performed by Oscar Stivala

Note: Music starts at around 10 seconds.

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